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Hello I'm The Intern

Hello my name is Noah Kindfield; I’m sixteen years old. I’m doing a six-week internship on the Skills for the New Millennium tour. I will be living on the bus with the Skills Tour family for those six weeks. I met Stan, Delyla and Megan at The Farm in Summertown, TN, which is, were I live. I was inspired by what they were doing to help educate the public in these times of great need. I decided that being on the Skills tour was what I wanted to do with the later half of my summer. I discussed this with my parents and they were fairy supportive. The reason I wanted to join the Skills Tour was because I’m interested in introducing revolutionary ideas about perma-cultre to my community. When the Skills tour came to Tennessee I know that new and beneficial ideas were introduced to my community, so I came back for more.

And right of the bat, in Syracuse, NY, I saw the Skills tour in action cultivating new and helpful ideals in random strangers including my father who had drove up to Syracuse from Tennessee with me. From canning to butchering, self-defense to conflict resolution, the Skills Tour provides the means for people to change the world by being more sustainable and less wasteful. The first place I traveled to with the Skills Tour was Grand Island, NY, right on the Niagara River, where the Riverside Salem Environmental Chapel hosted us. We spent four days there, June 25-28. On the 25th and 26th we had a lot of people coming thru. I felt vary empowered to give the chicken talk on the 26th after watching Stan give it on the 25th. I was amazed by the over fifty crowds interest in the Skills Tour on Grand Island. Many of the over fifty crowd was vary appreciative of what the Skills Tour is doing because most of the skills we are teaching are skills that their parents taught them and have since been forgotten by many. On the 27th,my birthday, we went to Niagara Falls and had a wonderful day of being tourists. When we got back Megan and I went kayaking up the Niagara River, it was beautiful. On the 28th we were back on duty. There was a young boy named Ben who was spewing with creativity, I really felt like I made a connection with him when I educated him about the benefits of solar power and he told me “I’m going to tell all my friends about this. Why isn’t everybody doing this?


May 2010

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