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Letters from Noah Vol. 2

On June 29th, we woke up In Grand Island, NY and drove to Buffalo, NY. In Buffalo we tabled and gave tours at the Urban Roots community garden center. I got to see Ben again and he showed all his friend show cool the bus is and talked a lot about solar power. I gave the chicken and worm talk and watched kids that came by. The parent of some of the children happened to own a gelato shop directly adjacent to Urban Roots, Stan, Delyla, Megan and I all got free gelato. I met someone who is currently starting up a construction company in Buffalo, the main service they will offer is, living roof installation. A living roof is when you plat things in soil that you have on your roof! That time in Buffalo inspired me to get more involved with urban perma-culture projects.

That night we drove to the Whole Foods Co-Op in Erie, PA. On June 30th we had an intense day of tours. I started of giving some of my first full tours, later I set up in front of the Co-Op and directed people to bus. There was a lot of interest in what we were doing. While I was sitting out front I met a young black man who later brought his whole family over to check out the bus, he assured me that he would be instituting some of the systems that he observed on the bus at his home and that his children now really wanted to get and care for chickens. All in all it was a fairly hectic day but I feel like we reached a lot of people who otherwise would have continued throwing out food scraps and not knowing were eggs come from.


May 2010

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