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Chicken Changes On Tour

Captain's Blog
Ashland, OR.

Chicken changes continue on the Permibus! Ever so long ago we left California in our green school bus with three people, three dogs, three chickens, and a box of worms. While all of that information remains basically correct, the identity of the three chickens has changed. So has the bus but that has already been blogged.
We left California with Isis the Black Australorp, Joan Rivers the New Hampshire Red, and B-O-B the White Leghorn. The three hens became excellent road chickens that not only gave us fresh eggs but turned into a wonderful example of permaculture principals. They each developed their own distinct personalities: Joan Rivers was so named because she never stopped talking. She started first, ended last, and always proved the loudest. Isis was our goddess. She was the prettiest and learned the most chicken tricks. She has easily been Megan's favorite. B-O-B has always been my favorite. There was initially some controversy over her true gender. When she began to lay the tale-tell white eggs of her breed, the controversy ended. Small, scrawny, and somewhat anti-social, B-O-B was my favorite.
Unfortunately, events beyond our control has lead to a change in our chicken population. In Minneapolis when the police car jacked the Permibus our chickens were put under a stress they were not prepared for. We were allowed to take our animals and their feed off the bus but not the chicken pen. The hens found themselves in a yard without their pen. With the dogs and all the people camped in the yard, stress lead to a dog attack and Joan was killed. She made the supreme sacrifice. We cooked her with skill and enjoyed her.
Our first attempt to replace Joan was a young Bard Rock given to us in Maine. B-O-B proved a terrible bully to the new hen and that probably contributed to her death. She was afraid to be inside the chicken kennel with B-O-B and got left outside. The next morning I found her dead.
Now we have Buffy the Egg Laying Buff, a Buff Orpington our friend in Montana gave us. She has had the same problem with B-O-B but that problem has been solved. Here in Oregon our friend Adam traded us a Bard Rock for B-O-B. In many ways I am said to see B-O-B gone but all of our chickens must get along. So now we have a new clutch of hens; Isis, Buffy, and the as yet unnamed Bard.
Soon we will be back on the road with the new clutch teaching all about backyard chickens and watching kids of all ages flock to the new Permibus when they see those fanciful hens.

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The sad thing is, if anyone had done to you what the MN police department did to you without provocation, they would have been called kidnappers, grand larcenists, and terrorists.

unnamed chicken

...How about a "Name the 'Bard'"Contest?

May 2010

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