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Weekend Madness/Prepping for Pittsburgh

Good god almighty, which way do I steer? This past weekend was a phenomena oof double booking. While as of last Tuesday the Permibus was leaving Oberlin, less than 200miles from Pittsburgh, we have since made it 400miles away to New York.

Tuesday evening I was delighted to spend a delicious meal and even more delicious company with Gloria, the witch in the woods. This allowed for a less strenuous journey North and Wednesday morning we were off once again. Many miles and errand later we made it to the newly expanded Bread & Roses collective property in Syracuse, NY. My folks did a preoperational tour of the water needs and potential of the land for the Water Management workshop Zay (our hostess) and Stan were to be teaching on Saturday. We enjoyed a lovely root based dinner with Zay after Lorca and I packed our weekend needs and then off again we were to park in the dark at the Ithaca, NY you-pick farm where the Street Medic Training Delyla and I started co-training Thursday morning.

From 9-6pm Thursday and Friday, and 12-4pm Saturday was all about the medicine. I found myself listening to the material and teaching even more of it ad becoming increasingly excited about the prospects of doing health care work in Pittsburgh. The group we taught was small and less dedicated than many but we did our best. On guy in particular payed close attention, asked many questions, and gave a damn decent eyeflush. Lorca, Delyla and I all spent Friday night at a collective house in Ithaca, NY with several of the students and got to see an interesting documentary about the history of street medics in particular Doc and a woman whose name I can’t remember who seemed really hard core and funny.

Some delicious chilli and much needed sleep later it was the last day of training meaning lots of medic role plays which meant in this case I got to throw apple towards the “cop”, have a seizure, and be a “cop”. All fun and games and nobody lost an eye so we mark it down as a win. Then we were glad to get a ride back to Syracuse and our comfy bus home. Happy joyous relief sigh!

The next morn brought with it an open bus tours day as part of the Wescott Street Fair and Rain Water Catchments Barrel Creation Workshop/Rain Water Catchments Barrel Sale. I managed to slip coming out of the bus and banged up my ankle. It bent outwards on the right side and the bruising developed on the inner ankle so ma feared I’d landed myself a broken bone just before the protests. So I spent the better part of the day lying on my back with my foot in the air, icing regularly, applying Arnica oil, and compressing it with an ace.

After a delicious dinner with the Bread and Roses community Kanat (a fabulous salsa dancer and student who lives there) was kind enough to find me crutches and help me down the hill to the bus. What my injured foot earned me was a trip to the hospital for X-Rays on our pre-Pittsburgh day of rest. Kanat once again came in sweetly and drove us all to the ER, chilled in the waiting room for the several hours we were there, and even took us to a store for ice cream on the way home. Hugs to Kanat for being so lovely!

The good news is that nothing is broken so I needn’t be quite as careful in the short term. The bad news is that because its several torn ligaments on the inside of my foot it will have a much harder time ever fully healing and I will be forever prone to spraining that ankle. I will still get to be out in Pittsburgh, though not to the same level as I had hoped. My main goal now it to take care of folks as best I can and as much as possible. I need to work hands on with these skills I know to cement them in me and give room to learn more. This morning was our weekly meeting and tonight or tomorrow morning we leave for PA. We’ve a long week ahead and I just hope I’m ready. The foot thing is throwing me off but I am doing my best to have faith that what I need will come together.

Goddess bless the Pagan Cluster for they made protesting down right comfy and self-care is a vital thing in high-energy, high-stress situations.

Much love too all and blessing all around!
Be well,

Megan Coyote
Outreach Coordinator
Skills Tour


What's the name of the documentary? Thanks and good foot wishes.

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