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Words from Noah on Fairfield Iowa

Hey this is Noah.
On Saturday, July 26th we were giving bus tours at the Fairfield, Iowa Farmers Market. It was such a wonderful day I feel like we reached a lot of people who wanted to be educated about alternative energies and sustainable living. I was especially enamored with the children because they were so interested. They wanted to pet the chickens and carry them around the market; it was just incredible. There was even one child, no older than eight, who took notes on all the different permaculture systems we have set up on the bus. It was so great to see a community where every generation was truly participatory in recreating their world and invested in learning about revolutionary ways of living.

Later on that night we performed our permaculture puppet show at a potluck. It was my first time doing the puppet show but it was very fun. It was great to see both grandparents and grandkids alike laughing at Megan’s rendition of the Evil CEO. All in all, the people we met and the inspiration we saw there made Fairfield into and oasis in the middle of nowhere. It was a privilege.

Noah Kindfield
Permibus Intern
Skills for the New Millennium Tour

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