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permibus's Journal

Skills for the New Millennium Tour
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MISSION STATEMENT: To cultivate revolutionary ways of living.

VISION: To provide empowered learning to individuals, groups, and youth in order to develop a community skill base that supports social change activism, ecological awareness, and economically sustainable patterns of living.

The Skills for a New Millennium Tour (Skills Tour) vision is to shift patterns of consumption while empowering individuals and communities to engage in political action that strives for a more ecologically sound, economically sustainable, and socially just world. Through a series of trainings, discussions, and workshops, the skills tour will improve the capacity of individuals and communities to meet basic needs in a more sustainable way. Changing the world is not a part time project but requires revolutionary ways of living that must be learned over time. Therefore, the skills we offer; grounded in decades of activism and spiritual consciousness; emphasize making marginal lifestyle changes that enhance social, economic, and environmental sustainability.